A Little Competition Between Friends

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Friends are amazing, they can both support and push us.  That is exactly what is happening between Haley Gray, Meg Campbell and I. I had no idea how much fun this was going to be when I said Yes.

Haley and Meg already had started their little competition around who could monetize their YouTube channel first.  The winnings were pretty serious… the loser had to buy the winner a $20 Starbucks gift card. 😉  I’m personally try to up that to get me a bottle of wine when I win!! 😉

I was thrilled when they asked me to join in the fun, a little competition is always good, right?

The cool thing is that none of our YouTube channels is in competition with the others.  We each have very unique YouTube channels.

Meg’s channel, Look What Meg Found, is all about promoting small businesses which make really cool things.  She is sooooMeg supportive of getting the word out about creative businesses that may not otherwise get much exposure.  I’ve referred a number of people I know, that I see at vendor events up her in MN, that I know could really benefit from the promotion that she does.  Check out her YouTube channel and find out how you can get promoted too!  You can always reach out to me too, and I can make the introduction.

Women's Entrepreneur Network Haley’s channel, Women’s Entrepreneur Network,  is about providing a space where women can come together to share valuable business content, resources and programs.  She also has an amazing Facebook group as well, which surpassed over 70,000 members on as of January, 2021.  As a business owner, I love the information she shares on her channel and FB group.

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Then there’s my channel, Wendy J Haney, where I’m working to show people it’s not intimidating to learn to quilt. I drop a new video every Friday.  Every other week it is a walk through of a quilt store that I have visited in my travels.  I love promoting quilt stores!!  Though I’ll admit – it can be very dangerous to have to visit so many of them. 🙂  But then I also find lots of great projects to make for the website.

Monetization is based on subscribers and view hours, so please help us all by subscribing to our channels and watching our videos to the end.  Like’s and comments help too.  The current stats as of this morning 5/27/2021 are:

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