August 15, 2021

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Woof, Charlie blog followers!  Well, Wendy and Kevin keep telling me I am getting better with fewer growling issues, I just like to be protective but learning I don’t need to with Wendy and Kevin.  I am enjoying being on the couch more as I get petted and loved more as you can see in a picture below. What’s a picture?  Remember I am a dog… Woof.

I am enjoying more freedom now, get to sleep on the bed at night, snuggle on the couch with Wendy and Kevin and got to travel over to our neighbors house and run around on their deck.  Life is good for me and I enjoy the lake life!  Well, my dinner is being made so time to go woof it down.  Bark to you more at a later time, if I only knew what time was… Oh well, its a dogs life!  Woof, Woof.

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