August 5 2021

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Hey Charlie blog followers! Woof, woof.  How are you each doing? I just got back from Doggie camp as Wendy & Kevin call it. I had a great time playing with the big dogs, so much fun. I run around like a wild dog in the fields at Carlson Areas Pet Boarding . The lady there take such great care of me, I love her. I had lots of fun running the fields there and chasing other dogs, I am so tired the next couple days after doggie camp.

I am enjoying now sleeping on the bed at nights, Wendy and Kevin open my kennel door at night so I can get out when I want and jump on the bed to sleep with them. I am getting better on not growing as much.  I am enjoying the love on the couch and bed at night, Wendy and Kevin pet me as much as I like and I like that. I am sure loved and enjoying living with Wendy and Kevin and at the lake. A couple weeks ago Wendy let me out on a leash near the lake and I enjoyed walking into the lake and feeling the water on me. Of course Kevin had to give me a bath after that as I was covered in lake water and dirt. I guess I can’t sleep in the bed dirty. I don’t mind the warm water feels good on the body. I am doing so much better with less growling and enjoying the love and attention Wendy and Kevin are giving me. I am a lucky dog!

Woof till my next post. Love,



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