Danielle’s Christmas Quilt – 2016

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Danielle is my sister’s first born, the first born and only niece on my side of the family.  All of my nieces and nephews are special and I love them to death, but being the only niece, Danielle holds a special place in my heart.  She’s my daughter from another mother. 😉

Well, I didn’t start doing baby quilts until after she was born, and didn’t do high school graduation quilts until her youngest brother was graduating.  She sort of got short changed in the quilt category.

Her youngest brother got a graduation quilt, and then the other brother got a wedding quilt.  Danielle still hadn’t gotten a quilt.

But… I knew it had to be special and I was trying to find just the right one.  Danielle loves her coffee (just like me), so I had started collecting coffee fabric, and did find a really cool panel with little coffee designs.  Now it was just a matter of  finding the right design.

It finally happened, and in 2016 she finally got her quilt for Christmas.  I was not there to see it, but her younger brother Nathan captured this photo (as I forgot to take photos before I mailed it – ugh!).  She later told me “I was wondering when I was going to get a quilt!”


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