December 27, 2023

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Woof, Charlie blog followers!   Another dog year has passed and I am enjoy Tennessee life. I get walks everyday where in Minnesota I could not do that without freezing my paws off. Its been a great year for me, 3 trips to Florida and back. Wendy & Kevin say I am a good traveler as you can see in my November blog post.

I went to visit doggie camp (boarding kennel) in December as Wendy & Kevin took another trip to Florida to see his mom.  I wanted to go but they said it was a quick trip and would go faster without me, not sure I understand that.  I like stopping on the road at rest stops, so many scents to smell and pee on. Woof!  Doggie camps is good, they spoil me but wont let me run with the big dogs.  I didn’t like one during one visit and barked and growled at him. Grrrrrr….

Wendy has been quilting a lot and I am a great quilt tester, if its a soft comfy quilt I lay down on it while she has it spread out on the floor. I like this one below.  I also like begging for treats while she is quilting. It works everytime…   I got a new harness for my walks as you can see. It’s good for being seen on the roads.  During my walks I have such a great view of the Great Smokey Mountains, not sure what that is but I hear its a nice place to take walks and lots of places to pee at.

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IMG 20230925 071130704 HDR

Oh well, its a dogs life!  Woof, Woof.



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