I’m going to give you my thought on this, and you can take it or leave it. 😊 Not all fabric is created equal, even if it has the same label on it. Obviously, this makes life a little difficult when trying to figure things out when it comes to fabric. But think about it, there has to be some difference when Walmart sells a fabric for $8/yd and your local quilt store across the street is selling it for $12/yd. Do you really think your local quilt store is just marking it up so much more for profit!?! NO, they aren’t!!
Your local quilt store is buying a better quality of the fabric than what Walmart is. Check out my YouTube video The Basics – Quilting Fabric for a more in-depth discussion about fabrics.
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You do pay for what you get, but with that said, you also can make decisions on your fabric choice based on what you are making. If I’m making some cute pin cushions, picking up some inexpensive fat quarters at Walmart is probably a good choice. But when I’m making a baby quilt for my new great nephew, well, then I want to go for the really good stuff that I know is going to hold up for years to come, wash after wash!!
You need to do what is best for you. If what you can afford is going to impact whether you quilt or not, then get what you can afford and quilt away, and don’t let anyone tell you differently!
Purple Batik Flowers 500 Square