January 12, 2022

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Woof, Charlie blog followers!  I am now a season dog traveler, just got back from a road trip from Minnesota to south Florida. Wendy and Kevin say it was 4200 miles and 6 hotels.  I have never stayed in a hotel before and what’s with these things called elevators? The door opens and we walk in and then it closes, where is it taking me?  I did great in the wire kennel in the car as we traveled down to Florida, I got out every two hours or so to stretch my paws and due my duties. I think Wendy did the same each time I went out of the car.

I even got to visit two restaurants, not sure what that is but they deliver food to you on the table. Once place even gave me a bowl of water to drink, nice guy.  I sure like the warm weather day and night there, I could go do my duties and not freeze my paws off like back home.  I got a new toy for christmas, its a fox and I like shaking it all around.

Wendy and Kevin said I did great traveling and seeing new sights, new hotels, new restaurants,  and meeting new people, but I did growl at some of them. Woof! I got to meet Kevin’s mother in Florida and she was friendly but was not sure yet about her.

When we got back home, I was so dog tired, see even dogs can make jokes, that I rested for the next few days laying in my dog beds around the house. This traveling around the country is tiring for an old dog like me.  Woof!  I did have fun and got to play with my toys in the hotels and pee and poop in lots of new places.

Here are some pictures of my adventures:

This was me after we got home from our big adventure:

Here is a video of me playing with my new fox toy in the hotel room:

Oh well, its a dogs life!  Woof, Woof.



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