July 2021

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I (Charlie) found a comfy spot on the deck couch and approve the new cushions.   Its been over a year, so my masters Wendy and Kevin have told me, I have been with them and really enjoying living with them.  I getting great food (Farmers Dog) and lots of beef treats.  I started off sleeping in my comfy wire kennel at night in the bedroom but Wendy and Kevin just started leaving the door open in the kennel at night so I jump on the bed at night when I want or I stay in my comfy kennel.

I am getting better with less growling and also started to jump on the leather couch with them without being protective and growly.  I was playing with a garner snake a couple weeks back in the yard, kind of strange animal, it snarled at me, I just wanted to play with it.

I recently came back from Carlson Acres Pampered Pet Resort and love running with the big dogs there.  The lady that takes care of me is so sweet and loving.  I have so much fun there but I am tired the next day after returning home with Wendy and Kevin. I sleep lots the next day.   Its been a good summer so far and just love lake life with Wendy and Kevin.

Stay tuned to my blog as I will try to bark out words for my master Kevin to type.  Some of it get lost in translation though……

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