About Us

I guess it’s a bit obvious, but I’m Wendy. I’ve been doing some sort of sewing or hand works since I was around 7 years old. Yep, Mom said I was sewing on the sewing machine in 1st grade. If you can believe it, I was sewing barbie doll clothes!

I sewed my own clothes and loved doing crewel embroidery work. Then I discovered cross stitch in college. I was addicted!

After college I took my first quilting class. I fell in love with quilting! I love the fabric and the sewing – so much easier than making clothes!! But unlike cross stitch, it takes a bit more space in the house!

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In the mid-90’s my husband, Kevin, and I started an online cross stitch store, Northern Needle. We eventually opened a physical store in Tracy, MN in 2003. Life changes had us shutting it down several years later.

The entrepreneurial itch has never disappeared, and here I am today, once again working to tie something I love into a business. My goal is two fold, 1) to educate, inspire, and take the intimidation out of learning to quilt, so you can grow as a quilter; 2) sell items that I make to allow others the gift of giving and receiving a quality homemade product.

Not everyone is blessed to have a family member to guide them on the path to becoming a quilter. I was blessed, as both my Grandma Sandbo and my Mom, taught me along the way. Neither was a quilter, but they both loved sewing and handwork and they passed those skills and love on to me. I can’t imagine my life without them!!

After spending 20 years in SW Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Shetek, my husband Kevin, and I, with our rescue dog Charlie, moved to Tellico Village in Loudon, TN Thanksgiving of 2022. This is very definitely a family business as Kevin does my video editing, and also does some of the machine embroidery work. If it wasn’t for his support (and doing the cooking), none of this would be possible. We feel so blessed to be on this adventure together!

You can find me on YouTube – Wendy J Haney where I educate and inspire you to see it isn’t all that difficult to quilt.  Not intimidating at all!!

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