Nathan’s HS Graduation Quilt – 2012

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I’d been making quilts for quite a few years, and some of my nephew’s had even gotten them as baby quilts.  Not many, but a few.

In 2012 I had two nephews graduating from high school and thought “I’d like to give them quilts as a gift.” At the time Kevin was thinking that wasn’t a great idea, why would a guy want a quilt.  But… it kept sticking in my head, and so I decided I was going to do it.

It was already close to Christmas, so there wasn’t too much time to get them done, given I had a busy career and limited time to quilt. Luckily, my company had us take vacation time between Christmas Eve and New Years… the perfect time to really get cranking on the quilting project.

Nathan loved music, so it was a pretty simple thing to go with a music oriented quilt.  I found a great fabric that I felt could be the focus piece, then found an easy pattern, “Just Can’t Cut It” by All Washed Up, that had big squares which I could use for my focus fabric.

Treble Cleff Focus fabric   Found a nice old fabric that was also music oriented and coordinated with the black:

Other focus fabric for Music

< Stay tuned for more… will be updating soon. 🙂 >

I went with the 51″ x 63″ size quilt.


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