November 6, 2023

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Woof, Charlie blog followers!    Sorry its been a long time since I posted something but I am a dog, have no idea what time is…..  A lot has changed since my last entry.  My masters Wendy and Kevin moved me from Minnesota to eastern Tennessee last turkey day, I like turkey. Yum!!  I really like my new location as I don’t freeze my paws off on my daily walks like I did in Minnesota in fall and winter months. Since TN weather is in the 40’s and 50s, what ever that means, I can continue my walks around the neighborhood during the winter months.  I sure like walking the with Wendy and Kevin, all the new smells, places to pee on and critters to chase.

Also over the summer of 2023 I was traveling the country with 3 trips to Florida with my Wendy and Kevin. I love traveling with them.   I get to do my duties as often as Wendy needs too, so I get out of the car and smell all the new things at the rest areas and pee all over the place and leave my mark.  Boy is Florida hot in the summer, I rather like Tennessee weather much cooler than Florida.   I am sure spoiled, or well loved as they say with Wendy and Kevin and love my new home in Tennessee.

I have so many places now in my new home to watch for critters with all the woods around us. Its so much fun to bark at them and at the FedEx and UPS drivers. I have many comfy places to take naps

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Oh well, its a dogs life!  Woof, Woof.



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