Working with Your Spouse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with your spouse? Does it make you shutter? Or maybe makes you wonder if you’d both survive it?

I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the middle. 😉

Years ago my husband, Kevin, and I worked at the same company, and for a short time ended up in the same department, with offices next to each other. I remember someone walking up to our offices and noticing the names on each, and asking if we were related. When Kevin answered ‘yes’, the guy said ‘oh man, I could never work with my wife!’ We both got a chuckle out of it.

The thing is, back then, we were working for someone else, and we each had our specific job to do. All it took was being respectful of each other in the office, which wasn’t difficult, as it was the same way at home.

A number of years later, we built a business together online working out of our home. We both still had full time jobs, and each of us had key things we did in the business. We worked out of the kitchen/living room for the most part, so not like we had an office setup. So I still didn’t think of it much different than when we worked in the same department at work together.

Now, umpteen years later, we are working a side business together again, but now our ultimate goal is to be doing it full time. We also only have one office in the house, each of us having our setup on one end of it. This is the same office that I, up until 5 months ago, worked in by myself during work hours. I’ll admit thoughts like this ran through my mind…

“How is this going to work if we’re both working full time in this office?”

“Are we going to drive each other nuts?”

“Am I going to be looking over and questioning what he’s doing all the time?”

Then, in the middle of March, we were thrown into that situation when the pandemic hit, sharing the same office full time!! Granted, we both were still working full time jobs, but we were also trying to work our side business as well.

What about you…do you think you could work full time side-by-side with your spouse working a business? Would you want to? Would they?

What I’ve discovered the last 5 months is…

  • Kevin isn’t the same person he was years ago when he’d work at home on snow days and I’d be wondering if he was really working, and where did he disappear to… oh, he’s taking a nap (he wasn’t as healthy back then as he is now).
  • Just because I’m working on the business at any given time, doesn’t mean he needs to be. There are other times were he’s really focused on it, and I’m off getting some quilting time in.
  • If he asks my opinion, it’s OK if he doesn’t agree with it. That works both ways.
  • Sometimes he has a completely different perspective on things, and I need to learn when to trust that and go with it, because I trust HIM. If it doesn’t end up working out, I don’t blame him for that, because I made the decision to try it his way.
  • Bluetooth headsets and a room divider are a MUST!!
  • I talk to myself when I work, especially when solving a problem…. I need to talk more quietly. 🙂

But the best thing I’ve learned… I really like having him around!! I am seriously going to go through withdrawals when his company tells him to go back to the office!!

Being thrown into the situation so quickly, we didn’t exactly have time to think about it or plan it, it just was what it was. I had to learn to use a Bluetooth headset for all my calls, and not talk quite so loud.

We learned to let each other know when we had meetings coming up. Luckily there’s only been a few times when we both had meetings at the same time and were talking at the same time… but when it did happen, everyone on the other end laughed about hearing ‘the other person in the room,’ as many are dealing with the same thing.

I’m guessing many of you have been thrown into the same situation, unless you’re lucky enough to have two ‘office’ spaces in the house.

I’d love to hear from you… how’s both of you working at home working out? Do you think you could do a business together full time with your spouse? If so, why or why not?

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