April 1 2020

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 Wednesday – April 1, 2020 

Another day at my new home and masters Wendy and Kevin.  I am so enjoying this but they still don’t let me sleep next to their heads, the pillows are really comfy.  I have been a bit bad this week, I like to protect the person that is holding me or petting me and when another person comes close I growl at them, Wendy and Kevin really don’t like that so I am learning not to do that.

I found standing on the top of the couch is really great for looking outside at all the critters outside.  Those pesty squirrelrs are still out there and I want to chase them. I do like going into the woods here but there are sticky thorny stuff that attaches to my fur and I really don’t like them, they bother me when I come into the house.  Well time to go and sleep some more in the nice warm sun in my window perch.

Woof till next time!


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