April 19 2020

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 Sunday – April 19, 2020 

So much has happened in my new home with Wendy and Kevin.  This spring since I have been home there are some new fury friends near the shed, Wendy and Kevin say they are foxes. Momma fox and 6 cubs living under the shed.  I so want to meet them and chase them but Wendy and Kevin will not let me outside when they are around.  Such fury friends to play with and chase.  Oh well, I can bark at them all I want.  I am not sleeping in the bed at night any more, but in a comfy wire kennel by the bed, I rather be in the bed but they want me to sleep in the kennel.  I now have a long lease they put me on in the front yard to run around which is fun.  Off to go watch for the foxes and bark some more.

Woof till next time!


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