March 27 2020

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 Friday – March 27, 2020 

It’s Friday!, not sure what means in dog days but my masters are happy its Friday.  I am sleeping very well, but my masters wont let me sleep near their heads, so they want me to sleep down near their feet. I have two comfy blankies there so I am comfy.  While watching TV in the living room, I keep hearing this noise so I start barking, sounds like a door opening but my masters say its just the fireplace starting up so I am learning all the different noises in the house and learning what to bark at.

I like to watch outside during the day, so many critters out there to bark at and want to chase. I saw some deer in the yard the other day, sure wanted to say hi to them and chase them. I guess me just barking at them scared them off, so not friendly I guess.  I do like barking at squirels and really want to chase them, small little rascals, they are not friendly…. Woof!!

I am enjoying my new home and masters Wendy and Kevin, they are spoiling me, good food to eat, lots of love and let me bark at squirrels.  I am a lucky dog and enjoying life!

Woof till next time!


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