March 21 2020

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Saturday – March 21, 2020

I am charlie, a 6 year old Terrier mix rescue dog, at least that’s what I have been told by my masters. I lived with an elderly lady for the first 5 years and I was told she could not take care of me and spoil me every day since she was getting older so she gave me to her niece to take care of me. Not sure the details but I found my way to Hope Animal Rescue of Iowa and my foster mom Toni. She took good care of me but I had a few extra buddies (dogs) to play with.

Well, on Saturday March 21, since I don’t know what time is I was told this by my masters, Wendy and Kevin came to visit me and my foster mom. I ran to Kevin right away and started kissing and loving on him, he seemed like a nice guy and wanted to pet and hug me. I love hugs and being petted. After slobbering all over Kevin I noticed Wendy was there so I gave her kisses too. They both seemed to really like me with lots of petting and kisses. We got along right away and I liked them. Wendy went to her car and open the door and I decided to jump into the car for fun, let go for a ride. I had to get out since we had more loving to do with lots of kisses and hugs to me from Wendy and Kevin.

I was off to my new home in Minnesota but it was a long 5 hour drive there, so they stopped many times to let me out and do my duties, love sniffing around and making my mark there.  We made it home and I ran around the whole house sniffing everything, what was missing was no dogs or cats around, so it was nice and peaceful.  I adjusted just fine to my new home and masters. They really do love me and slept thru the night on their bed, its was comfy.

Stay tuned, whatever that means, for more woof updates from me as I live my new life with Wendy and Kevin in Minnesota.


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